Fractal Forex Signal Service for MT4

Exclusive predictor arbitrage strategy based on QuantTrader forecasting expert system and Fractal Five

Fractal Forex
Fractal Forex
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Fractal Forex is designed to trade Forex currency pairs on the MetaTrader 4 platform (MT4). We thoroughly test each strategy for a specific currency pair and time frame. Fractal Forex is intentionally limited to the best traded time frames to avoid confusing and misleading use on other time frames and currency pairs. Our team is continuously searching for new currency pair and time frame combinations. Once a combination is found that passes our rigorous testing phase, it is made available to you.

Fractal Forex is a swing trading system that is monitoring the market 100% of the time. Long and short trades are swapped between each other as market conditions change. It continuously monitors the market and will enter a trade as soon as the ideal conditions for a trade appear.

Fractal Forex runs on the ROXI Application Hosting infrastructure. This service is maintained 24 hours a day and is located in the world's top tier data centers. It is completely redundant, which means that you do not have to worry about Fractal Forex going down.

Fractal Forex never enters multiple trades at a time. At any moment either one or no trades are open. It is safe to exit MetaTrader while running Fractal Forex and then start it again. It will still keep full control of already opened orders.

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Why Fractal Forex Works (The Gears and Springs in the Watch)

Fractal Forex is using elaborate multifractal decomposition of real time forex rates to issue optimal trading signals. It selectively aggregates short term price patterns to larger time frames to reliably reconstruct a recurring fractal equation describing the fractional price dynamics across the scales.

Fractal reconstruction of the price trend is a complex and computationally intensive process involving a large volume of raw tick data. However, initially extracted patterns on a tick scale must be properly aggregated for larger time frames to produce an accurate fractal inference necessary for reliable price prediction.

For this reason, accurate fractal forecasts are possible only on larger time frames where enough raw data is available to reconstruct a cross-scale inference. Do not be misled with an apparent inactivity of the "Fractal Forex" strategy! It never sleeps and traces every new tick to calculate the right moment for your winning trade!


Fractal Forex is not limited to any particular broker. You may trade with any forex broker that offers the MT4 platform.

Please download the Expert Advisor (EA) before you purchase

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